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Arch Builders Recognized with Commemorative Replica

April 6, 2017

Categories: Development , Gateway Arch , National Park Service , Construction

Fifty-five years ago in the small town of Warren, Penn., 280 men worked to weld, cut and fabricate 900 lbs of steel into what is now the Gateway Arch. 


Recently, a contingent of 11 former Boilermakers, from the Pittsburgh Des Moines Steel Company (PDM), took a journey back in time and traveled 700 miles to visit the monument they helped build – for the first time.


To honor these men and their contributions to our beloved Gateway Arch, the Committee of Retired Boilermakers launched the “Baby Arch” campaign – with the goal of building a miniature replica of the Arch to recognize its original birthplace.


While much work remains to be done on the project, the Baby Arch was placed at the Pennsylvania Visitors Center in Starbrick, Penn., on March 30, 2017. The stainless steel arch weight 750 lbs, and stands 14 feet tall and 14 feet wide.


For more information and updates on the Baby Arch project, or if you’re interested in donating to the campaign, please visit


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