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All About Kimmswick

September 22, 2017

kimmswick-seal-(1).jpgMaybe you have heard of Kimmswick, Mo., maybe you haven’t. This small town, located 24 miles south of St. Louis on the Mississippi River, is known for many things, including strawberries, local shops and world-famous apple pie. It’s also the destination of October 5th’s Gateway Arch Riverboats Kimmswick Cruise.

To gear you up for the most unique day-long cruise the Riverboats offer, here’s a primer on all things Kimmswick:

  • Kimmswick was founded by Theodore Kimm in 1859. He likely named the town after himself and his birthplace, Brunswick, Germany. (Kimms-wick… get it?)
  • An early settler of Kimmswick was Captain George Washington Waters from Massachusetts. He was stationed at Jefferson Barracks, located outside of St. Louis, and later was appointed Jefferson County Surveyor. During his tenure as surveyor, he purchased a large portion of the Labarge land grant. And it was from Captain Waters’ family that Theodore Kimm purchased the present-day Kimmswick land in 1850.
  • Theodore Kimm not only founded Kimmswick, but he also served as the town’s first postmaster.
  • Kimmswick is well-known for being accessible by riverboats. Tax records show that several showboats have stopped in Kimmswick, including “The Cotton Blossom,” “Greater New York,” and W.R. Martin’s “Golden Rod.” Today, the “Delta Queen” calls Kimmswick its port and headquarters.
  • The town’s present-day population is just over 150 people, but you’d never know that as it’s always bustling with people taking in the shops, attractions and restaurants.
  • Kimmswick is home to The Blue Owl Restaurant and Bakery, home of the Levee High Apple Pie, which has been featured in O Magazine and was named one Oprah’s favorite things. (The Kimmswick Cruise includes lunch at the Blue Owl, so you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet treat if you desire!)
  • Each year, Kimmswick hosts the Strawberry Festival. The Original Kimmswick Strawberry Jam is a favorite of festivalgoers and sells out nearly every year!

Click here to find out more about the Gateway Arch Riverboat Kimmswick Cruise and to purchase your tickets to the October 5th cruise today!

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