Jefferson’s Vision Gallery

Meet the nose behind the
Lewis and Clark Expedition.

New Frontiers Gallery

What's that on Eads Bridge?
Let us explain the elephant in the room.

Riverfront Era Gallery

Uncover the history behind the first
St. Louis "superhighway".

Building the Arch Gallery

Experience the contest that brought us the iconic Gateway Arch.

New Frontiers Gallery

Before the Gateway Arch,
we were known for…arches?

Jefferson’s Vision Gallery

Learn what it was like being
Thomas Jefferson's Secretary.

Discover Our Shared
St. Louis History

The Gateway Arch is a sight to see, but have you ever stopped to consider the wealth of stories that lie below? The Museum at Gateway Arch National Park offers a free, innovative and accessible experience showcasing over 200 years of our city's history.

A Free, World-Class Museum Experience

With six interactive galleries, you will experience untold stories of the founding of St. Louis, multiple perspectives of westward expansion and accessible artifacts and tactiles commemorating America’s pioneering spirit. The museum features Universal Design, inviting visitors to wander through each gallery from multiple angles and discover untold stories at every turn.

Colonial St. Louis

Discover how the founding of St. Louis in 1764 came to be as you move through the Colonial St. Louis gallery. Learn of the Indigenous and Creole cultures of St. Louis before the Louisiana Purchase as you view vertical log architecture, listen to stories of trade and entrepreneurship and interact with unique tactile pieces for all to enjoy.

Jefferson’s Vision

Uncover the stories that shaped the West as Lewis and Clark embarked from St. Louis. Examine the natural discoveries from their adventures and learn about the other members of the Corps of Discovery who helped lead the expedition.

Manifest Destiny

Learn about the conversations and controversies between Spanish explorers, Indigenous Peoples and American settlers in our country’s movement west. See how America expanded with the museum’s interactive map and a multitude of stories to understand Manifest Destiny’s impact on the growth of our nation.

The Riverfront Era

Transport yourself to a time when steamboats ruled the Mississippi River and transformed St. Louis into a bustling port city. The gallery features a model replica of the 1852 levee, archaeological remains of local hotels and taverns and a sensory experience with the sounds of the city.

New Frontiers

Witness St. Louis's rise into a top manufacturing city with the growth of the American railroad system. Explore how people settled and lived in the West, the goods that made St. Louis a fast-growing metropolis and how the Industrial Revolution brought our nation into a new age.

Building the Arch

Examine the stories behind the design, construction and lasting legacy of the Gateway Arch. Learn about Eero Saarinen’s unique design, the runner up designs that might have been in its place and all the intricate details that came together to build our city’s iconic monument.

Ready to See the Sights Above and Experience the Stories Below?

11 N 4th Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63102
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Plan Your Visit

Ready to explore the sights above and stories below at Gateway Arch National Park? Here are some helpful pointers to make the most of your visit.

  • Before You Go

    Book Tram and Movie Tickets in Advance

    While you are visiting the free museum, take a Tram Ride to the Top and watch the award-winning documentary about the building of the Gateway Arch. Tram tickets sell out early and often, so buy your tickets ahead of time. The time listed on your ticket is when you need to be at the tram or theatre entrance.

  • The Day of Your Visit

    9:00 AM

    Park Your Car

    Our preferred parking lot is open at the Stadium East Parking Garage. Give yourself enough time to select a spot and make your way to Gateway Arch National Park. Pre-paid parking may also be purchased in advance.

  • 9:30 AM

    Head to the Security Screen Line

    As a National Park Service site, Gateway Arch National Park requires all visitors to enter through security. Give yourself and your guests at least 30 minutes to get through security screening at the entrance.

  • 10:00 AM

    Visit the Free Museum

    The stories below are just as magnificent as the sights above! Before you make your way to your scheduled tram ride or documentary viewing, set aside an hour or more to browse the free world-class museum, featuring six interactive galleries detailing over 200 years of St. Louis and American history and how the Gateway Arch came to be.

  • 11:30 AM

    Grab Lunch at the Arch Café

    Enjoy lunch during your visit. The Arch Café offers everything from St. Louis ribs, burgers, paninis and toasted ravioli to vegetarian and gluten-free options as well as a coffee bar. The Café is open during regular hours.

  • 12:00 PM

    Watch an Award-Winning Documentary

    Share in the triumphs and struggles of the making of the Gateway to the West with the "Monument to the Dream" documentary located in Tucker Theater. The 35-minute film describes the details behind Eero Saarinen’s design, compelling stories from the builders and the lasting impact the Gateway Arch leaves on the St. Louis community today.

  • 12:50 PM

    Take the Tram to the Top

    Make your way to the tram entrance just past the museum to make your journey to the top of the Gateway Arch. A tour guide will assist you through interactive, pre-boarding exhibits before you take your trip to the top and take in all the breath-taking views 630 feet above the city.

  • 1:30 PM

    Shop at the Arch Store

    Stop by the Arch Store on your way out. Pick up a souvenir to remember your visit or choose from a unique collection of gifts, apparel, books and more.

  • 1:45 PM

    Take a Walk Through the Park

    The sights continue after your ride to the top. Extend your day at Gateway Arch National Park by spending time in our 91-acre park along the Mississippi River or learn about the Old Courthouse.

    Please Note: The Old Courthouse is temporarily unavailable due to renovations.

Have more time to Explore?

There’s plenty to see along the over five miles of paved paths in Gateway Arch National Park! Visit our Explorer’s Garden in the North Gateway and view the historic Eads Bridge, take a moment to relax at the reflection ponds and stop by the Old Courthouse. An adventure awaits at every turn!

Please Note: The Old Courthouse is temporarily unavailable due to renovations.

Plan Your Visit

The Museum at the Gateway Arch is supported by Gateway Arch Park Foundation, the nonprofit conservancy and philanthropic partner of the national park. In a unique arrangement, the Foundation funds the ongoing preservation and continued innovation of the Museum exhibits to ensure the experience remains world-class for each and every visitor. Support the Foundation’s work by making a donation or becoming a member.